2008-05-22 16:55:21 by Link3Kokiri

Hey everyone!

I ain't made a post yet. And the page was BADGERING me to make one, so why not? Anyways, I'm really surprised with the Hardware Store animation I submitted. It got pretty amazing results compared to what I was expecting to get and I'm very thankful to everyone who watched, appreciated and commented on it!

Right now we're waiting on the Sonic Shorts Volume 3 to get finished up and submit. It should be coming very soon so keep an eye out folks! This is the first volume I've been able to jump into and submit a piece for the Sonic Parody series, and I hope my part at least kinda keeps up with the main stream quality of humor and art throughout (some of the flashes in it are really good XD You'll love it). And I plan to get another contribution made for the fourth volume if the team decides to go ahead with it >w> I've got an idea ready to make very soon.

Well that's pretty much all I can think of mentioning for now. I've got a looot of video games to get started on now that the summer holidays have arrived for me.

Till next time!